Le Chant des Anges

Dominique Vandenberghe

My name is Dominique Vandenberghe. I was born in Belgium from various origins. I followed, basically, computer training.
I am firmly anchored in the material and spiritual world. I have traveled around the world, met wonderful people, from other cultures and other traditions.
It was during one of my trips that I discovered that I am a healer and a medium. I received a wonderful gift, and that is being able to receive messages directly from the Beings of Light, 24 hours a day without any effort, after having done an intensive training with them for 6 months at 2-3 hours a day.

Dominique Vandenberghe

Which are my activities ?

I am also a life coach and business coach. I use my gifts to help you quickly acheive  the goal that you have set for yourself.

I have been practicing for 17 years with as much joy and happiness as I experienced in the beginning, I practice individual life coaching sessions, business as well as energy healing and guidance sessions with your Angels.

I run coaching workshops on subjects such as love, communication, money etc. These workshops can be done via Skype or live sessions.

I also run courses that are only done on live sessions, and they are more oriented towards channeling, energy and spirituality.

I can train you to be channels, Energetics specialist in shamballa and Quantum. I also conduct conferences via skype or live sessions on the Law of Attraction, Angels, Energy etc.

The internships (training courses), the studios (workshops) and the conferences in French are organized by Sophie: dominique.accompagnements@gmail.com.

For internships, workshops and conferences in English, thank you for sending me an email to info@lechantdesanges.net